Job Title:

Machine Whisperer


Remote (US)


Do you enjoy AI models so much that you wish you could take them to dinner? Do you find yourself dreaming in algorithms and waking up with lines of Python code scribbled on your pillow? Do you feel a secret thrill every time you watch The Terminator and can’t help but side with Skynet? If so, zCore wants YOU!

We’re seeking a Junior Machine Learning Engineer who is ready to jump head-first into the world of AI and machine learning. You’ll be part of a team that’s as passionate about building smart systems as you are. Together, we’ll work on making our applications not just smart, but Einstein level genius!

Job Responsibilities:

Develop a love-hate relationship with our frontend interface built on Typescript/Flutter Get friendly with FastAPI, our backend’s best friend and secret weapon Handle our Document Management System like you handle your social media accounts (hopefully responsibly) Charm LangChain into helping us integrate different language models (don’t worry, it’s friendly) Manage prompt templates like a librarian handles books Store and fetch business and company data from Notion without getting lost Play with the GPT-4 API and other advanced language models (without creating Skynet, please)

Skills and Experience:

Knows Python like it’s their first language, and can also babble in Typescript/Flutter Has experience with web frameworks like FastAPI or similar Has tamed PDF and Word processing tools like PDFMiner and python-docx before Can work with APIs as well as they can work with a TV remote Has dabbled in AI or machine learning technologies before (or at least stalked them online) Has hands-on experience with advanced language models like GPT-4 or others on HuggingFace (if you’re a fan, it’s a plus!)

Non-Technical Competencies:

Excellent communication skills (we promise we won’t make you talk to the coffee machine) Possesses a positive, “can-do” attitude (even when the code refuses to cooperate) Works well in a team (because nobody likes a lone wolf who won’t pass the ball)

Nice to Have:

Familiarity with LangChain or a similar platform Experience working with Notion API A burning desire to make machines more intelligent (for the good of mankind, of course!) So, if you’re passionate about machine learning and can crack a joke or two while doing some serious AI stuff, hit that apply button! Let’s make our machines smart together!

zCore is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. And yes, we welcome the robot overlords too (jokes aside, please don’t build Skynet).