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🌟 Unleash Your Inner Data Dynamo - Senior Database Magician 🌟

Are you the kind of tech wizard who can turn a database into a masterpiece of efficiency and performance? Do you thrive on the challenge of taming complex systems and making them dance to your tune? If you’re ready to take on a role that’s equal parts sorcery and strategy, join us as a Senior Database Magician!

Your Quest: As a Senior Database Magician, your mission is to wield your expertise in the mystical arts of database administration to shape the destiny of our data ecosystem. Your spells will revolve around monitoring Unix, Oracle, OBIEE, and Informatica performances, ensuring that the magical rhythms are always in harmony. Nightly Informatica processes will be your enigmatic symphonies, and daily backups and recovery strategies your secret spells to ensure data immortality.

Conjuring Marvels: But your power doesn’t stop there. You’ll be the one to install and upgrade the majestic OBIEE and Informatica servers, casting enchantments that keep them at the pinnacle of performance. In the realm of security, you’ll wield your magic wand to configure OBIEE’s defenses and manage Oracle users/roles with an iron grip. Collaborating with developers, your guidance will craft strategies that transcend the mundane and lead to a realm of unparalleled performance.

Summoning Cloud Realms: Venture into the uncharted territories of the Cloud! Show us how you’ve taken your expertise to new heights by migrating Oracle databases and BI Tools from their on-premise sanctuaries to Cloud environments. Your years of experience managing Oracle relational databases in Cloud environments make you a true Cloud Mage.

Requirements for This Epic Adventure:

  • Command over Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and Recovery Manager (RMAN) is your secret spellbook.
  • Your migration prowess extends beyond realms, showcasing your ability to shepherd databases and BI Tools from on-premise to Cloud.

Master of Cloud Realms: You’ve spent no less than five years mastering the intricacies of Cloud-based Oracle relational databases. Your expertise is not just in managing databases; it’s about unlocking their true potential in the Cloud.

Perks of the Magic Guild:

  • Cast your spells on complex systems and watch them transform into masterpieces of efficiency.
  • Collaborate with fellow wizards in the realm of development, crafting strategies that take performance to new heights.
  • Be a Cloud Conqueror as you migrate and manage databases in Cloud environments, leaving your mark on the future.

If you’re ready to be the Senior Database Magician who shapes the very fabric of our data universe, cast your application now and join us on this mystical journey!

(Disclaimer: Actual magic not required. Expertise, experience, and a love for the enchanted realm of data, on the other hand, are non-negotiable.)