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🚀 Unleash Your Code Sorcery - OBIEE Magician Developers Wanted! 🚀

Are you a coding conjurer who can breathe life into business intelligence realms? Do you have an insatiable appetite for turning complex data into captivating dashboards and ad hoc reports? If you’re ready to script a new chapter in your career, where magic meets data, join our ranks as an OBIEE Magician Developer!

Your Enchanted Pursuits: As an OBIEE Magician Developer, you’re more than a developer – you’re a weaver of insights and enchanter of data. Your canvas spans from installing, upgrading, and configuring business intelligence to designing intricate data models using the OBIEE tapestry. Dashboards become your symphonies, ad hoc reporting your spoken spells, all designed to conjure the very essence of intelligence.

Crafting Enterprise Wonders: But your talents know no bounds. You will be the architect of enterprise dashboards and reports, creating portals to realms of information that inspire awe. Recommendations will flow like spells, and critical issues shall be revealed to you, unlocking opportunities to optimize our BI products. Testing sessions are your experimental laboratories, where reports and dashboards are born, and you shall wield the power to resolve any hiccups.

Elixir of Expertise: Your arsenal is packed with five years of experience, an alchemical blend of ORACLE BI reporting products, with a special affinity for OBIEE and data warehousing BI solutions. Oracle relational databases bow to your SQL prowess – you’ve spent five years developing and tuning SQL queries, turning them into melodies that orchestrate data.

Wizardry Desired:

  • OBIEE and data warehousing are your realms; you’ve spent no less than five years crafting spells in these domains.
  • Your SQL wand has conjured artistry in Oracle relational databases for a minimum of five years.

Magical Guild Perks:

  • Weave your codes into the fabric of business intelligence, transforming data into visual symphonies.
  • Collaborate with fellow wizards of development, conjuring recommendations that enhance our BI products.
  • Be the gatekeeper of dashboards and reports, casting testing spells to ensure seamless data enchantment.

If you’re ready to let your code magic flow, to be the OBIEE Magician Developer who shapes intelligence with code, heed the call and manifest your application now. The realm of possibilities awaits!

(Disclaimer: Actual magic not required. Proficiency, experience, and an enchantment for crafting data solutions, however, are absolutely necessary.)