Remote (US)

🌟 Embark on an Epic Software Odyssey with Us! 🚀

Hey you, trailblazer of code and captain of innovation! Ready for a software adventure that takes you beyond the ordinary? Welcome to zCore, where we’re rewriting the rules of software development and looking for a senior engineer to join our crew. Leave the suit and tie behind – it’s time for an informal journey through the realms of software magic.

Your Quest Awaits:

🎮 Unleash Your Senior Prowess: If you’re a master of software arts, we want you on our team. As a senior engineer, you’ll be the guardian of performance, crafting and enhancing existing code while designing software databases that are the stuff of legend.

🚀 Performance Enchanter: Ever optimized software like a wizard fine-tuning a spell? As a senior, you’ll weave your magic to deliver the performance targets of dreams. You’ll even devise tools and strategies to capture the essence of performance metrics.

💡 Navigate Future Horizons: Our senior engineers are the stars of foresight, overcoming roadblocks with a keen eye on the future. Discuss limitations and uncover solutions that will shape the course of strategy.

🌌 Stay on the Cutting Edge: Keep your senses attuned to the latest software trends and architectures, from design patterns to DevSecOps. You’re not just a developer – you’re a cosmic explorer.

🌐 Cloud Voyager: Be a part of the cloud migration crew, helping to steer legacy systems toward the digital sky.

What You Bring to the Adventure:

🧙‍♂️ Quantitative Mastery: Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in a quantitative field, or 3 years of related experience, you’re ready to weave algorithms like spells.

🖥️ Tech Sorcerer: With 6 years of Full-Stack Software development under your belt, including Java, Web services, Databases, and more, you’re a tech conjurer.

📜 Code Scrolls: Your programming arsenal includes JavaScript, Java, and perhaps even Python. Your code scripts are the stuff of legends.

🛠️ DevSecOps Artisan: You wield the tools of DevSecOps like an artisan. Git, Concourse, GitLabCI, SonarQube – you’re fluent in the language of the tech mystics.

🎨 Frontend Enchanter: React and Vue are your magical brushes, crafting front-end masterpieces that dazzle.

🔥 Extreme Explorer: Extreme Programming is your compass. You’ve explored Test-Driven Development, Pair Programming, and CI/CD – you’re a true pathfinder.

🏰 Architect of Wonders: You’ve spent 2 years shaping software architecture, breathing life into designs and scaling systems to greatness.

🚢 Container Captain: Docker and Kubernetes are your ships, sailing the seas of container technology.

🌟 Mentor Magician: Your guidance and mentoring light the path for others. Junior engineers look up to you as their guiding star.

Ready to Set Sail?

At zCore, we don’t just develop software – we craft stories. If you’re a senior engineer who seeks adventure beyond the ordinary, apply now. Your code could be the next chapter in our legendary saga.

Note: Be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. Suit of armor not required. 🛡️