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🚀 Join Us as a Data Dynamo - Senior Systems Engineer (aka Data Warehouse Champion) 🚀

Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure in the realm of data? Do you possess the magical ability to turn raw data into powerful insights? We’re on the hunt for a Senior Systems Engineer who doesn’t just settle for the ordinary, but thrives on the extraordinary! Welcome to a world where data dreams become reality.

Your Quest: As our Senior Systems Engineer, you’ll be the visionary architect behind our Data Warehouse. You’ll wield your expertise to analyze, identify, and conjure up enhancements that elevate the warehouse into a realm of unparalleled value for our organization and customers. You won’t just work in isolation; you’ll collaborate with the various business areas, engaging in brainstorming sessions that rival the most creative think tanks. Together, you’ll transform needs into deeds, gathering warehouse-related priorities and charting a course toward greatness.

What’s in Your Arsenal: We’re not looking for an ordinary knight in shining armor – we need a Cloud Migration Wizard! You should have verifiable experience in wielding your magic wand to migrate Commercial off-the-shelf products like Informatica, Oracle databases, and BI Tools to the cloud. The Oracle database and BI Tools won’t just be confined to their on-premise dwellings – you’ll lead them on an epic migration to a Cloud environment, transforming them into agile, cloud-native warriors.

Your Mission: But wait, there’s more to this adventure! As a Data Warehouse Champion, you’ll wield the Recommendation Report like a masterful spell. Each new design/build iteration you recommend shall be presented to the COR (Chief Oracle Ruler) for review. Your enchantments will only come to life upon the approval of these magnificent recommendations.


  • Battle-tested experience in Cloud migrations of Commercial off-the-shelf products (think Informatica, Oracle databases, and BI Tools). Show us how you’ve made the leap from on-premise to Cloud!
  • Your track record should include migrating Oracle databases and BI Tools to Cloud environments. Prove your mastery over the elements of data transformation.

Perks of Joining the Guild:

  • Embark on an adventure that challenges the status quo and rewards innovation.
  • Collaborate with visionary minds from diverse business areas, giving life to ideas that shape the data landscape.
  • Elevate your skills by leading the migration of essential tools to the Cloud, mastering the art of transformation.

Ready to be the Data Dynamo we’re seeking? Join our quest and wield your technical expertise like never before. Apply now to embark on the journey of a lifetime!

(Disclaimer: No actual wands, spells, or magic required. Just mad skills and a passion for data.)