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zCore Group’s Stellar Collaboration: Building Guardian One for the Space Force

Building mobile applications today requires more than just top-notch coding skills. It’s about teamwork, understanding your client’s needs, and delivering a product that both engages its users and stands out in functionality. This is a story of how our team, brought to life an outstanding mobile application for the United States Space Force (USSF): Guardian One.

Guardian One: “Always Above” with Space Force

Guardian One is not just any mobile application—it is the official beacon for the USSF personnel and potential recruits. It provides easy access to the Guardian Spirit Handbook, direct links to the USSF’s social media, news, photos, and a fun “easter-egg” minigame. More than just an app, it embodies the USSF’s motto “Semper Supra” (“Always Above”) and its core values of Character, Connection, Commitment, and Courage.

The team behind Guardian One leveraged deep industry experience, agile project management, technical innovation, and invaluable insights from Supra Coders to deliver the mobile app in record time for DoD software factories, including completing software security requirements in seven days with total compliance.

Crafting a Stellar App

The technical magic behind Guardian One’s smooth interface and user-centric features is Flutter. Leveraging Flutter Version Management (FVM), the application’s development environment was flexible and adaptable, ensuring compatibility across various platforms from Android to iOS but allows us to eventually use the same code base for Windows, MacOS and Linux Desktops. The choice to use Flutter was made with careful consideration by the entire team but it proved to be correct and enabled rapid iteration and delivery with excellent stability and user-experience.

However, the journey to crafting Guardian One wasn’t without its challenges. The Guardian One app was high-visibility and the stakeholders had clear requirements and a short timeline. Collaboration was at the heart of the team and enabled their success. With daily stand-ups, the team worked cohesively, translating stakeholder requirements into the mobile app’s features and delivering a minimum lovable product (MLP) faster than any other project in BESPIN history completing production launch from start to finish in 42 days.

A True Team Effort

The app’s development was a testament to the synergy of the teams working as one. Meetings were held to discuss the project’s key features to bring utility to everyday operations, quality of life, and the eventual implementation of the authentication for a secure, BYOD solution capable of handling data from different sources across the Space Force and the DoD.

The challenge of seamlessly integrating features like the Space Force portal’s RSS feed, gamification elements for training, and user authentication which will be met with innovation, commitment, and collaboration. Constructive feedback sessions were integral, ensuring that all stakeholders were aligned with the project’s vision and objectives.

zCore Group: Powering Forward

With expertise spanning _Software Development, DevOps, Data Analytics, and Technology Innovation, zCore Group is proud of its role in shaping Guardian One’s success, which highlights our commitment to innovation and our ability to build partnerships that deliver cutting-edge mobile applications driving operational and institutional impact.

At zCore Group, we know that it is people, more than process or technology, that deliver success. We are passionate and committed to building success through impactful teamwork. If you are interested in working with a team that can deliver the same impact for your organization, get in touch with us.

Experience Guardian One for Yourself

Eager to explore the Guardian One app? Dive into the universe of the United States Space Force by downloading the application today:

Let your journey with the USSF begin!

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